Bio-inspired Design via Additive Manufacturing

Learning from complex hierarchical architected structures found in nature, multiscale geometric design plays a crucial role in terms of mechanical and functional response while using a limited number of building blocks. The key to the distinguished performance of natural and biological structures is the topology and spatial arrangement of the constituent blocks. Additive manufacturing technologies are opening new possibilities for the potential implementation of this design paradigm at the macroscale. A fundamental challenge that will be addressed in my research is the design and development of lightweight mechanical metamaterial structures with hierarchical geometry and architectures that are simultaneously strong and energy-efficient using additive manufacturing. Following a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, I have completed several research projects successfully developing and analyzing 3D printed architected structures using polymers, composites, ceramics, cement, and metals, particularly emphasizing their mechanical properties. My future works propose the design and fabrication of 3D printable structures in different architectures having optimized topologies, and densities in the form of metamaterials, which can have unprecedented mechanical, thermal, optical, and/or electrical properties.

Selected Publications:


Damage-tolerant 3D Printed Ceramics via Conformal Coating

Sajadi, S. M.; Vásárhelyi, L.; Mousavi, R. Rahmati, A. H.; Kónya, Z.; Kukovecz, A.; Arif, T.; Filleter, T.; Vajtai, R.; Tiwary, C. S.; Rahman, M. M.*, Ajayan, P. M.

Science Advances 2021


Three-dimensional Printing of ComplexGraphite Structures

Sajadi, S. M.; Enayat, S.; Vásárhelyi, L.; Alabastri, A.; Lou, M.; Sassi, L.M.; Kutana, A.; Bhowmick, S.; Durante, C.; Kukovecz, A.; Puthirath, A. B.; Kónya, Z.; Vajtai, R.; Boul, P.; Tiwary, C. S.; Rahman, M. M.*, Ajayan, P. M.

Carbon 2021


Direct Ink Writing of Cement Structures Modified with Nanoscale Additive

Sajadi, S.M.; Boul, P.J.; Thaemlitz, C.; Meiyazhagan, A.K.; Puthirath, A.B.; Tiwary, C.S.; Rahman, M. M.*; Ajayan, P.M.

Advanced Engineering Materials 2019