Fibers and Composite Materials

In my quest of comprehending and optimizing the multifunctional properties of composite materials, I investigated the dispersion of carbon-based nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon nanofibers (CNFs) inside various matrix phases. My academic passion and vigor for composite materials brought me to astounding findings. I demonstrated that even at a low loading level, uniformly dispersed CNTs in the composites can effectively combine high strength with high ductility, which resulted in higher absorption energy of the projectile without considerable deformation or damage during low and high-velocity impact studies. Additionally, I have analyzed the thermo-mechanical and thermal degradation behavior of these fiber-reinforced composites. Along the same line, low dimensional nanomaterials have attracted my attention as reinforcements for multi-functional nanocomposites owing to its exceptionally low density, high strength, stiffness, hardness, toughness, and outstanding functional properties including electrical, optical, and thermal properties. My future goals include innovative designing and engineering of next-generation structural nanocomposites by implanting smart fibers, low dimensional, and nanomaterials inside the matrix systematically and orderly with self- healing and damage-sensing mechanisms while evaluating their use in real-life application.

Selected Publications

Improvements in mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties of e-glass/epoxy composites using amino-functionalized MWCNTs

Rahman, M. M.; Zainuddin, S.; Hosur, M. V.; Malone, J. E.; Salam, M. B. A.; Kumar, A.; Jeelani, S. 

Composite Structures 2012

Effects of Amino-functionalized MWCNTs on Ballistic Impact Performance of E-glass/epoxy Composites Using a Spherical Projectile

Rahman, M. M.; Hosur, M.; Zainuddin, S.; Vaidya, U.; Tauhid, A.; Kumar, A.; Trovillion, J.; Jeelani, S. 

International Journal of Impact Engineering 2013

Low-velocity impact properties of carbon nanofibers in carbon fiber/epoxy hybrid composites manufactured by OOA-VBO process

Rahman, M. M.; Hosur, M.; Hsiao, K. T.; Wallace, L.; Jeelani, S.

Composite Structures 2015