Digital Food Safety and Security

World hunger and chronic undernourishment is an exigent global issue, impacting over 800 million people. A third of the food produced is wasted every year largely due to the high perishability of food. Hence, multi-faceted solutions focusing on food security, safety, and waste management/reduction will be one of my research emphases in the future. While there have been successes with the development of genetically modified products, chemical additives, and inedible coatings, these solutions introduce other detrimental effects and concerns related to human health and the environment. I am interested in the development of cost-effective and efficient, yet greener materials by the proper utilization of food wastes while ensuring food safety and security.  I am conscious, however, that the mitigation of food-related issues is not limited to traditional solutions, such as edible coatings. In fact, I would like to apply additive manufacturing techniques to realize unconventional food materials and structures, as well as the future exciting possibilities of personalized data-driven nutrition and food.

Selected Publications

Multifunctional Bio-Nanocomposite Coatings for Perishable Fruits

Jung, S.; Cui, Y.; Barnes, M.; Satam, C.; Zhang, S.; Chowdhury, R.; Adumbumkulath, A.; Sahin, O.; Miller, C.; Sajadi, S.M.; Sassi, L.; Ji, Y.; Bennett, M.; Yu, M.; Friguglietti, J.; Merchant, F.; Verduzco, R.; Roy, S.; Vajtai, R.; Meredith, J.C.;Youngblood, J.; Koratkar, N.; Rahman, M. M.*; Ajayan, P.M. 

Advanced Materials 2020